Craftsmanship, design, sustainability. Three adjectives that we have very present in this new era and that are increasingly essential to guarantee continuity not only to our planet, but also to responsible production and consumption.

All the materials used to create each item are sourced from the best Spanish suppliers. Each material, including all leather and cotton lining is sourced locally, ensuring that it’s of the best quality to achieve a unique and exclusive final product. 

We work with small productions, which guarantees a very close control of the quality of the craftsmanship and also considerably reduces the waste of leftover skins. In addition, in case that happens, we have designed the Bill model, a cardholder made with leftover leathers during our bag production. Thus, we promote “Zero Waste” in our brand. We also try to eliminate the plastics used in our packaging to reduce our environmental impact.

Sofia Uriach soul are those 70’s Rock& Roll brands and other musical styles which inspires us to create each model. Moreover, our timeless designs are made following the slowfashion movement, avoiding seasons and wardrobe rotation by producing highquality leather bags that last forever. For that reason, we created the hashtag #BeBraveBuySlow.